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Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland flickr group

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Grey Plover,
Rutland Water
29th April 2011
© Andy Mackay

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Kelham Bridge
April 2011
© Frank Watts

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Wood Sandpiper,
Birstall Meadows
27th April 2011
© Mark Skevington

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26th April 2011
© Bob Pacey

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Wood Sandpiper,
Birstall Meadows
21st April 2011
© John Hague

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Bewick's Swan,
Watermead CP South
21st April 2011
© John Hague

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Stone Curlew,
North Luffenham Airfield,
20th April 2011
© Ian Merrill

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Rutland Water
19th April 2011
© John Spraggett

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Female Black Redstart,
Rutland Water
19th April 2011
© Bob Pacey

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Drake Red-crested Pochard,
Watermead CP South
14th April 2011
© Andrew Swinfield

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Watermead CP South
9th April 2011
© Rod Baker

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Red-crested Pochards,
Watermead CP South
9th April 2011
© Donald Talbott

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Male Redstart,
Burbage Outwoods
8th April 2011
© Adey Baker

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Male Ring Ouzel,
Charnwood Lodge
7th April 2011
© Graham Otter

APRIL 2011

Saturday 30th

Rutland Water: Whimbrel, Turnstone, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, 2 Greenshanks & 30 Dunlin, Lagoon 4; female Marsh Harrier, Lagoon 1.

Warren Hills/Charnwood Lodge: 3 Ring Ouzels + Fieldfare still in field just south-west of Colony Reservoir.

Wanlip Meadows: 1 Wood Sandpiper, drake Garganey & 4 Greenshanks. Nearby, Hobby at Watermead CP Birstall & drake Red-crested Pochard still at Watermead CP South.

Eyebrook Res: Wood Sandpiper at the inflow this morning, also Slav Grebe still and 3 Greenshanks.

Cossington Meadows: Wood Sandpiper on Plover Meadow pool this evening.

Friday 29th

Rutland Water: 24 Bar-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 4 early morning, then flew off (huge inland passage across the country today) + 15 later may have been different birds, also 3 Grey Plovers (1 on Lagoon 1 later); 2 drake Garganey, Lagoon 1; female/imm Marsh Harrier, Lagoon 3; 6 Arctic Terns, adult Little Gull, drake Garganey & female Common Scoter, North Arm; 8+ Greenshanks & 4 Dunlin around the reserve.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe (now in full summer plumage) still at the inflow near the tern rafts, also 1 Common Sandpiper.

Wanlip Meadows: 2 Wood Sandpipers & drake Garganey still + 2 Green Sandpipers.

Cropston Res: c20 Arctic Terns this afternoon.

Swithland Res: 2 Hobbies.

Castle Donington: 15 Waxwings on Campion Hill at 13:30.

Thursday 28th

Warren Hills: 3 Ring Ouzels this morning, also a late Fieldfare.

Rutland Water: 2 drake Garganey & 2 Avocets, Lagoon 1; 3 Grey Plovers, adult Little Gull & 3 Greenshanks, Lagoon 4.

Wanlip Meadows: drake Garganey, 2 Wood Sandpipers & 1 Green Sandpiper.

Eyebrook Res: Bar-tailed Godwit & 15 Arctic Terns.

Watermead CP South: 6 Arctic Terns & drake Red-crested Pochard.

Wednesday 27th

Warren Hills: 2 Ring Ouzels still.

Wanlip Meadows: drake Garganey & 2 Wood Sandpipers still.

Birstall Meadows: 1 Wood Sandpiper & 1 Common Sandpiper.

Rutland Water: 2 Grey Plovers & 2 Avocets, Lagoon 4; 4 Arctic Terns, Lagoon 3.

Cropston Res: 12 Arctic Terns.

Eyebrook Res: 1 Arctic Tern.

Tuesday 26th

Bottesford: Wryneck in a private garden.

Kelham Bridge: female/imm Marsh Harrier flew east at 12:30.

Rutland Water: 3 drake Garganey & adult Little Gull, Lagoon 1; 16 Black-tailed Godwits briefly, Lagoon 3; female Common Scoter, North Arm + 6 Swifts.

Wanlip Meadows: drake Garganey + 2 Wood Sandpipers still.

Birstall Meadows: 1 Common Sandpiper.

Monday 25th

Warren Hills: 2 Ring Ouzels still, in field with trailer and cattle feed bins at the bottom of the hill.

Rutland Water: drake Garganey & Whimbrel, Lagoon 1; 2 Avocets & 3 Greenshank, Lagoon 4.

Theddingworth: 1 Hobby.

Sunday 24th

Warren Hills/Charnwood Lodge: Goshawk (probably female) circling over Gisborne's Gorse, mobbed by crows at c10:05, then flew towards Warren Hills at 10:12. Also 2 Ring Ouzels at Warren Hills + 6 Tree Pipits.

Groby Pool: Black Tern & Common Tern this morning.

Leicester: Waxwing near Leicester Royal Infirmary A&E this afternoon.

Saturday 23rd

Wanlip Meadows: 2 Wood Sandpipers (presumably the birds from Birstall Meadows) till 10:00 at least.

Rutland Water: 2 Avocets, 1 Black Tern, 2 Greenshanks, 1 Common Sandpiper, 4 Dunlin & 6 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4; 2 Turtle Doves in Egleton village.

Cropston Res: 4 Black Terns.

Eyebrook Res: 1st-summer Little Gull.

Most/all common summer migrants have now arrived/passed through in reasonable numbers, with the possible exception of Swift (not heard of many yet).

Friday 22nd

Birstall Meadows: 2 Wood Sandpipers still.

Eyebrook Res: 8 Little Gulls, 6 Black Terns + Slav Grebe still present.

Rutland Water: Black Tern, Common Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin & 6 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Frolesworth: Whimbrel flew south this morning, plus Green Sandpiper briefly.

Thursday 21st

No sign of Stone Curlew at North Luffenham Airfield this morning, and no further access.

Eyebrook Res: Wood Sandpiper early morning only.

Birstall Meadows: 2 Wood Sandpipers. Nearby, Bewick's Swan at Watermead CP South, by the car park.

Rutland Water: Turtle Dove purring by Badger hide; 5 Black Terns & 1 Greenshank, Lagoon 4; Garganey, Lagoon 3.

Aylestone Meadows: female Ring Ouzel still in paddock just south of Kings Lock.

Beacon Hill: 2 Tree Pipits singing north of the summit.

Frolesworth: 2 Tree Pipits flew west this morning.

Wednesday 20th

North Luffenham Airfield: Stone Curlew on restricted MOD land.

Rutland Water: Little Tern, Manton Bay; 4 Avocets & 1 Greenshank, Lagoon 4.

Aylestone Meadows: female Ring Ouzel in paddock just south of Packhorse Bridge - best viewed from Kings Lock Cottage. Also Swift, Lesser Whitethroat & Garden Warbler. Nearby, 15 Waxwings in Aylestone park this evening, near the junction of Landsdowne Road and Saffron Lane.

Anstey: 10 Waxwings near the Co-op on Cropston Road this afternoon.

Tuesday 19th

Rutland Water: Firecrest at Egleton Meadows, singing by the bench just beyond Badger hide, early afternoon at least; female (not male as reported earlier) Black Redstart at the Sykes Lane end of the dam; 3 Black Terns this morning in South Arm 3, but proably gone; 2 Avocets & 2 Greenshanks, Harrier hide; 2 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 4 + 2 Swifts somewhere.

Eyebrook Res: 1 Avocet.

Leicester: Hobby by Knighton Church at 08:15, also 22 Waxwings still by the pond in Victoria Park this morning.

Uppingham: Cuckoo heard on the west side of the town (also yesterday).

Aylestone Meadows: 1 Lesser Whitethroat.

Monday 18th

Rutland Water: male Black Redstart on path to Harrier hide at 15:00; Garden Warbler, Lyndon reserve.

Between Somerby & Burrough on the Hill: 2 Whinchats near Newbold Farm, also male Ring Ouzel near Newbold Grange Farm.

Shellbrook, Ashby-de-la-Zouch: Cuckoo this morning.

Leicester: 8+ Waxwings still by the pond in Victoria Park at 09:00.

Sunday 17th

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still at the inflow end.

Kelham Bridge: Cuckoo, 2 Grasshopper Warblers & 1 Reed Warbler.

Watermead CP North: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker near the entrance, also 2 Common Terns, Grasshopper Warbler reeling by King Lear's Lake & 2 Green Sandpipers (1 Wanlip Meadows, 1 Pec Pit). Nearby, Common Sandpiper & pair of Red-crested Pochards, Watermead CP South.

Victoria Park, Leicester: 22 Waxwings by the pond at 10:00.

Saturday 16th

Stanford Res: unconfirmed report of a Purple Heron at midday, but no further details of exactly where it was, or whether it was definitely in Leics rather than Northants.

Eyebrook Res: 3 Whimbrels at the inflow, also Lesser Whitethroat.

Rutland Water: Whinchat, Lyndon reserve.

Sence Valley FP: 3 Grasshopper Warblers (also 1 nearby at Kelham Bridge).

Melton Mowbray: 7 Waxwings still in Coswlip Drive.

Friday 15th

Rutland Water: female Marsh Harrier, lagoon 3; 2 Avocets & 1st-winter Little Gull still, Lagoon 4; Greenshank, Lagoon 1; Reed Warbler, Lagoon 2; Nightingale, Hambleton Wood, singing just beyond the gate. N.B. Nightingale is now sadly a rare and vulnerable species in the county - if visiting this site DO NOT under any circumstances leave the path or trample vegetation to try and see or photograph the birds, as has happened in the past.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still, also Garden Warbler ringed today.

Melton Mowbray: 3 Waxwings still in Cowslip Drive this morning.

Thursday 14th

Swithland Res: Grasshopper Warbler at Rabbits Bridge.

Watermead CP North: Grasshopper Warbler & Sedge Warbler, + Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Green Sandpiper & Common Tern, Wanlip Meadows. 2 Red-crested Pochards still, Watermead CP South.

Groby Pool: 1 Reed Warbler.

Melton Mowbray: still 12 Waxwings this morning in Cowslip Drive; 3 still present this afternoon.

Wednesday 13th

Rutland Water: male Redstart in field by new lagoon C2; 2 Avocets, Lagoon 1; Grey Plover, North Arm; 1st-winter Little Gull, Green Sandpiper, 3 Dunlin & Ringed Plover, Lagoon 4 + Arctic Tern somewhere.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still at the inflow, also 1 Arctic & 1 Common Tern & 3 White Wagtails.

Mountsorrel Meadows: Osprey flew low towards Cossington Meadows at 15:55, and possibly the same bird south-west of Charnwood Water (no time given). Also 2 Grasshopper Warblers still reeling at Cossington Meadows (these will no doubt be here now for the rest of the summer, so there doesn't seem much point in continuing to mention them every day!) + White Wagtail, Hobley Lake.

Watermead CP South: 2 Reed Warblers singing.

Frolesworth Manor Lake: 5 White Wagtails.

Billesdon: Osprey flew over fields by A47 at 17:30.

Ab Kettleby: 2 White Wagtails.

Melton Mowbray: still 12 Waxwings in Cowslip Drive, also 10 (possibly the same?) in Heather Crescent. Also 1 Cuckoo nearby at Chadwell.

Whitethroats now widespread; Yellow Wagtails today at: Eyebrook Res (13), RW (3+), Frolesworth (3), Cossington Meadows (3) & Ab Kettleby (2).

Tuesday 12th

Sence Valley FP: Shag briefly on Stonebridge Pool at 15:45, then flew off east.

Grace Dieu Priory: Hobby over at 16:45.

Aylestone Meadows: 2 Pink-footed Geese flew north at 08:45, also 3 Common Terns through.

Cossington Meadows: Grasshopper Warbler singing along footpath to Cossington, 70m east of main entrance. Also several Whitethroats on the reserve.

Loughborough: Osprey flew low north over Moor Lane at 18:30.

Frolesworth Manor Lake: White Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail & Whitethroat.

Swithland Res: female Goosander on the south side this morning.

Melton Mowbray: still 12 Waxwings in Cowslip Drive this morning at least.

House Martins at Frolesworth, Sileby and Woodhouse Eaves (2).

Wheatears at several sites today.

Monday 11th

Eyebrook Res: 1 Arctic Tern, 1 Common Tern + Slav Grebe still near tern raft.

Rutland Water: Grey Plover still in North Arm; 1st-winter Little Gull & White Wagtail, Lagoon 4.

Cossington Meadows: 2 Grasshopper Warblers reeling near the main entrance this morning, also Whitethroat.

Thornton Res: 6 Waxwings, Yellow Wagtail & Common Sandpiper on dam.

Sence Valley FP: Yellow Wagtail & Wheatear.

Charnwood Lodge: 2 Wheatears.

Burrough Hill: 1 Wheatear.

Wanlip Meadows: 1 Green Sandpiper.

Melton Mowbray: 11 Waxwings in Cowslip Drive again this morning.

Sunday 10th

Rutland Water: 2 Sandwich Terns flew south-east over North Arm at 14:30, also Grey Plover in North Arm; Wheatear, Harrier hide.

Cossington Meadows: Grasshopper Warbler reeling near main entrance, also 1 Whitethroat. Nearby, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler & Yellow Wagtail at Wanlip North Lakes.

Beacon Hill: 2 Ring Ouzels near the summit, on the east side at 10:20.

Bardon Hill: male Ring Ouzel this morning.

Billa Barra NR (just north of Stanton-under-Bardon): male Redstart on far side of hill from car park this afternoon.

Brascote Pits: 1 Reed Warbler & 1 Wheatear.

Charnwood Lodge/Warren Hills: 2 Cuckoos, Tree Pipit (on Timberwood Hill) & 5 Wheatears, but no sign of Black Redstart or any Ring Ouzels.

Polly Botts Lane (Ulverscoft): 1 Cuckoo.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still at inflow.

Melton Mowbray: 20 Waxwings in Cowslip Drive, 07:30 - 09:45, then 6 briefly in the evening.

New Parks: 5 Waxwings in St Oswald Road.

Saturday 9th

Watermead CP South: 8 Garganey (4 drakes) showing well from the car park, although flighty at times. Also pair of Red-crested Pochard. Nearby, Cuckoo at Wanlip Meadows this morning.

Warren Hills: male Black Redstart this afternoon in the big cattle field at the bottom of the hill, on the north side of the field around the three trailers. Also 3 Wheatears there.

Rutland Water: pair of Red-breasted Mergansers, North Arm.

Friday 8th

Charnwood Lodge: male Ring Ouzel this morning, in field north-west of Colony Res at SK463155, also possibly a different bird south of the reservoir.

Burbage Outwoods: male Redstart this afternoon along the main track between the railway and the first horse field.

Bardon Hill: Tree Pipit singing, plus another flew west this morning.

Rutland Water: 12+ White Wagtails on Lagoon C1 late afternoon.

Wanlip Meadows: 1 Greenshank & 1 Green Sandpiper.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still by the tern raft.

Sence Valley FP: 1 Yellow Wagtail.

Grove Park: 2 Wheatears.

Thornton Res: 1 Common Sandpiper on the dam.

Thursday 7th

Charnwood Lodge: male Ring Ouzel this afternoon, half way between the reserve entrance and Gisborne's Gorse (c. SK465158).

Long Whatton: Ring Ouzel behind houses adjoining farmland in West End at 07:30.

Cossington Meadows: Common Sandpiper on Hobley Lake.

Groby Pool: Osprey flew south at 17:30.

Wheatears today at Burton Lazars (5), Eyebrook Res (2) and Grove Park (2).

Wednesday 6th

Rutland Water: several Common Terns around Egleton reserve; Long-tailed Duck still North Arm; Whooper Swan, Wheatear, Green Sandpiper, 4 Dunlin & 4 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still, also Little Gull & Common Tern between the inflow and Stoke Dry car park.

Hicks Lodge: Pink-footed Goose (apparently rather tame) still with Canadas.

Frolesworth: male Wheatear at Hill Farm.

Thornton Res: 11 Waxwings.

Tuesday 5th

Rutland Water: Whooper Swan still, Lagoon 4; Long-tailed Duck still in North Arm; 5 Yellow Wagtails, dam/Lagoon 1; Med Gull, Lagoon 1.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still by the tern raft at the inflow end, also 2 Yellow Wagtails.

Cossington Meadows: female Wheatear & several White Wagtails.

Swallows & House Martins have now arrived in good numbers (apparently - I haven't seen either yet!)

Monday 4th

Rutland Water: 8 Kittiwakes, Lagoon 3, 15:45 at least; Whitethroat singing on Egleton reserve; Whooper Swan & Wheatear, Lagoon 4.

Eyebrook Res: Slav Grebe still off Stoke Dry car park.

Markfield: Common Redpoll in the cemetery (off Leicester Road) with small flock of Lesser Redpolls.

Saddington Res: 2nd-summer Med Gull briefly this afternoon.

Ibstock: c50 Waxwings flew low west over the brickyard at 14:45.

Sunday 3rd

Charnwood Lodge: male Ring Ouzel on Timberwood Hill, also 4+ male Wheatears around the reserve.

Eyebrook Res: Slavonian Grebe still, between the inflow and Stoke Dry car park.

Rutland Water: Whooper Swans in field north-west of Egleton church; Wheatear, 2 Dunlin & 3 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Kelham Bridge: White Wagtail around the sewage treatment plant.

Sheet Hedges Wood: Osprey flew north-east at 09:40.

Willow Warblers are now widespread.

Saturday 2nd

Eyebrook Res: Slavonian Grebe at the inflow,also 3+ Yellow Wagtails.

Stanford Res: Sandwich Tern this afternoon, also 2 Swallows & 2 Willow Warblers.

Rutland Water: Sedge Warbler trapped and ringed, Lagoon 3 this morning; Long-tailed Duck & Scandinavian Jackdaw still, North Arm.

Heather: 3 House Martins.

Cossington Meadows: 2+ Willow Warblers + Green Sandpiper.

Friday 1st

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck still in North Arm.

Woodhouse Eaves: 1 House Martin. Nearby, Willow Warbler at Beacon Hill.

Kelham Bridge: 1 White Wagtail in front of the hide this morning.

Ibstock: 30 Waxwings in the Co-op car park this morning, also 1 Swallow over Church View.

Hinckley: 13 Waxwings again in Coventry Road by the National grid office at 08:40.