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Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland flickr group

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Turtle Doves,
30th April 2012
© Brian Nicholls

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Eyebrook Res
24th April 2012
© Pete Dams

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Grasshopper Warbler,
Watermead CP Birstall
24th April 2012
© Tim Matthews

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Ring Ouzel,
Rutland Water
15th April 2012
© Richard Bayldon

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Black-winged Stilt,
Rutland Water
13th April 2012
© Ian Merrill

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Black-winged Stilt,
Rutland Water
13th April 2012
© Ian Merrill

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Male Redstart,
13th April 2012
© Paul Riddle

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Black-winged Stilt,
Rutland Water
13th April 2012
© Andy Mackay

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Whooper Swan,
Watermead CP South
10th April 2012
© Donald Talbott

APRIL 2012

Monday 30th

Rutland Water: 3 Whinchats & 10+ Wheatears in Edith Weston Sailing Club bay by the golf course, also female Redstart, early morning only; Little Tern & 3 Bar-tailed Godwits, North Arm; 4 Whimbrels, Goldeneye hide; Marsh Harrier, 2 Little Gulls & 8 Black Terns, Lagoon 3; Little Tern, 8 Avocets, Common Sandpiper & 5 Dunlin, Lagoon 4; Greenshank, Lagoon 2; 5 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; 4 Yellow Wagtails & 2 Wheatears, Snipe hide.

Thornton Res: Grey Plover flew over at 19:45.

Grove Park: 17 Wheatears this morning.

Stoughton Airfield: 15 Wheatears around the control tower, also Lesser Whitethroat.

Welby: Hobby, 2 Swifts & 3 Wheatears.

Charnwood Lodge: 1 Cuckoo & 8 Wheatears.

Bushby: 1 Swift.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Sunday 29th

Rutland Water: Little Tern, Lagoon 4; 8 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; 2 Grey Plovers, Whimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit & 3 Wheatears around the reserve, also 150+ Yellow Wagtails at the dam.

Eyebrook Res: Black-tailed Godwit & 6 Wheatears.

Grove Park: 12 Wheatears.

Thornton Res: 1 Swift, 2 Yellow Wagtails & 1 Wheatear.

Welby: 4 Wheatears.

Saturday 28th

Apologies for the lack of updates this week - I had hoped to be able to get internet access at the hotel we were staying in on Wednesday & Thursday nights, but at 20 quid I decided to give it a miss!

Rutland Water: drake Garganey, Lagoon 1; Bar-tailed Godwit & Whimbrel, Old Hall; Little Tern, 10 Yellow Wagtails & 2 Common Sandpipers, North Arm; 8 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1. Nearby, 2 Turtle Doves in an Oakham garden.

Grove Park: 10 Wheatears.

Longmoor Lake: Swift, Whitethroat & Dunlin + Wheatear in horse paddocks in School Lane, Normanton.

Stanford Res: 2 Swifts.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Friday 27th

Rutland Water: Turnstone, Sanderling, 2 Common Sandpipers, 20 Dunlin & Whooper Swan, Lagoon 4; 3 Whimbrels, 2 Black Terns & 10 Arctic Terns, South Arm; Black Tern, Arctic Tern & 60+ Common Terns, Lagoon 3; 4 female Common Scoters, North Arm; 4 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; 2 Turtle Doves, Osprey hide.

Thursday 26th

Rutland Water: Little Tern & Sanderling, Lagoon 4; 2 Whimbrels, South Arm 3; Bar-tailed Godwit & Greenshank, North Arm. Also Short-eared Owl, 4 Yellow Wagtails, 5 White Wagtails & 2 Wheatears.

Cossington Meadows: Grasshopper Warbler reeling, Brook Wood.

Welby: 1 Wheatear.

Wednesday 25th

Rutland Water: 70+ Arctic Terns, 4 Whimbrel, 5 Little Gulls, 11 Avocets, 56 Black-tailed Godwits, Whooper Swan, Short-eared Owl, 20+ Swifts + Wheatear.

Cropston Res: 6+ Little Gulls, 36+ Arctic Terns, 45 Common Terns & 3 Swifts.

Swithland Res: 22 Common Terns, 6 Arctic Terns & 6 Swifts.

Skeffington: 10 Whimbrels flew north low over the A47 at 15:00.

Eyebrook Res: 1 Whimbrel.

Tuesday 24th

Rutland Water: 70 Arctic Terns, South Arm 3 (Lapwing hide) this morning; Bar-tailed Godwit & Whooper Swan, Lagoon 4; Bar-tailed Godwit, North Arm. Also 3 Swifts on the reserve.

Eyebrook Res: c50 Arctic Terns this morning, also 4 Whimbrels & 1 Wheatear at the inflow.

Cropston Res: 50+ Arctic Terns this morning.

Watermead CP North: Nightingale heard briefly near the Sand Martin bank at 11:45, but no further sound this afternoon or this evening. Nearby, 1+ Grasshopper Warbler still by Worcester Lake, Watermead CP Birstall + Whitethroat.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Monday 23rd

Beacon Hill: Ring Ouzel this afternoon 200m north-west of the trig point, also Cuckoo.

Rutland Water: 4 Whimbrel, Old Hall; 29 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; 2 Greenshanks & 2 Common Sandpipers, Lagoon 4.

Watermead CP Birstall: 2 Grasshopper Warblers still in field by Worcester Lake, also Reed Warbler, 2 Sedge Warblers, 2 Whitethroats & Common Tern.

Cossington Meadows: 5+ Reed Warblers, Whitethroat & Common Tern.

Sunday 22nd

Rutland Water: 25 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; Garden Warbler, Lagoon 3.

Beacon Hill: 1 Cuckoo.

Kelham Bridge: Grasshopper Warbler reeling at the eastern end of the reserve.

Cossington Meadows: Lesser Whitethroat & 3 Reed Warblers.

Cossington Meadows: 1 Short-eared Owl still, over Swan Meadow this evening.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Saturday 21st

Watermead CP Birstall: 2 Grasshopper Warblers singing in rough field by Worcester Lake.

Longmoor Lake: Marsh Harrier flew west, also 2 Common Sandpipers.

Eyebrook Res: Greenshank at the inflow + Common Tern.

Swithland Res: 2 Common Sandpipers.

Friday 20th

Hicks Lodge: Rough-legged Buzzard at 18:45, flew towards Ashby/Moira and no further sign.

Rutland Water: Bar-tailed Godwit, North Arm; 4 Little Gulls, Lagoon 3; 24 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Thursday 19th

Rutland Water: 1 Bar-tailed Godwit with flock of 92 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; 3 Little Gulls, Lagoon 3.

Albert Village Tip: 3rd-winter Iceland Gull still.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Arctic Terns on the rafts this afternoon.

Elmesthorpe: 4 Wheatears by horse field at the bottom of Bridle Path Road.

Wednesday 18th

Rutland Water: Hobby, South Arm; Arctic Tern, 8 Avocets & 4 Ruff, Lagoon 4.

Swithland Res: 1 Swift.

Cropston Res: 8 Common Terns.

Charnwood Lodge: 7 Crossbills by Colony Res.

Thornton Res: 6 Yellow Wagtails.

Tuesday 17th

Warren Hills: Ring Ouzel in field with longhorn cattle (SK461150), also Yellow Wagtail and Wheatear. I have received reports of a birder entering the farmer's fields at this site today. DO NOT enter private fields, either here or anywhere else. I am getting fed up with hearing reports of poor behaviour by a selfish minority of birders. This sort of thing reflects badly on all of us, and inevitably leads to good birds being kept quiet in the future. Apart from anything else, it demonstrates to everyone else your own stupidity and lack of knowledge of birds' behaviour. You are NOT going to get closer to a Ring Ouzel by climbing over a fence or wall. It will simply disappear into the next field or into cover and then no-one will see it. STAY ON THE FOOTPATHS AND USE YOUR SCOPE.

Thornton Res: 3 Ring Ouzels again in the field after the horse field late afternoon (birds are elusive and often missing for long periods). Also 2 Yellow Wagtails there.

Rutland Water: 9+ Arctic Terns & 6+ Little Gulls through; Whimbrel & 2 Black-tailed Godwits, Gadwall hide; Ring Ouzel still west of Edith Weston sailing club + 3 Wheatears; 2 White Wagtails, Barnsdale; Reed Warbler singing near Shoveler hide; 3 Wheatears, Lagoon 4.

Monday 16th

Charnwood Lodge/Timberwood Hill: 3 Ring Ouzels still this morning - see yesterday's news for directions.

Thornton Res: 3 Ring Ouzels at the east end of the reservoir, in the field past the horse field heading towards the Markfield arm early afternoon, but no sign later.

Rutland Water: Whimbrel, Spotted Redshank & Black-tailed Godwit, South Arm; 2 Short-eared Owls, Lagoon 1.

North Luffenham Golf Course: 20+ Wheatears.

Sunday 15th

Rutland Water: male Ring Ouzel in bay (presumably on the shore rather than in the water!) west of the Edith Weston sailing club, also 6 Wheatears.

Charnwood Lodge: 3 Ring Ouzels in fields south-east of Timberwood Hill. Viewable either looking north-east from the layby on the Copt Oak - Whitwick road at cSK469139, or from the footpath running north-north-east from the road towards Charley Mill Farm. The birds were two fields down and two fields in from the start of the footpath early afternoon at least. Also 4 Wheatears.

Brascote Pits: female Redstart on east side of hedge adjacent to the row of horse chestnuts this morning.

Frolesworth: male Redstart still 100 yards north of Hill Farm along footpath, also Yellow Wagtail.

Stoughton Airfield: 10 Crossbills flew north at 14:09.

Cossington Meadows: Lesser Whitethroat singing in the hawthorns by Plover Meadow pool this morning.

Watermead CP South: 1 Whitethroat.

Swithland Res: Green Sandpiper still, south side.

Burton Lazars: 3 Short-eared Owls still.

Saturday 14th

Rutland Water: dark-bellied Brent Goose, Lagoon 1 till 17:00 at least, also 1 Black-tailed Godwit; female Marsh Harrier, Lagoon 2.

Frolesworth: male Redstart still this morning 100 yards north of Hill Farm, SP500898. View from the footpath in an easterly direction where the sloped pasture meets the ploughed field, and keep strictly to the footpath.

Hicks Lodge: 9 Wheatears.

Warren Hills: female Marsh Harrier flew east this afternoon, also Yellow Wagtail over.

Friday 13th

Rutland Water: BLACK-WINGED STILT, Lagoon 4 this afternoon, till 19:25 when it flew off high to the north-north-west. Only the third County record - previous records were 2 at Eyebrook Res in 1945 and 2 at Orton-on-the-Hill in 1987. Also female Marsh Harrier over this evening, 6 Avocets, 6 Ruff, Dunlin & 3 Common Terns, Lagoon 4 & 3 Kittiwakes at the dam this morning.

South Kilworth: male Hen Harrier flew over at 12:25.

Frolesworth: male Redstart along the footpath 100 yards north of Hill Farm SP500898. Also 3 Wheatears. Please keep strictly to the footpaths at this site.

Thursday 12th

Rutland Water: Cuckoo, Lax Hill, also 2 Short-eared Owls.

Warren Hills: 2 Tree Pipits & 3 Wheatears.

Albert Village Tip: 3rd/4th-winter Iceland Gull this morning.

Swithland Res: 2 Avocets, north side.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Wednesday 11th

Rutland Water: Grasshopper Warbler behind Lagoon 2; 2 Common Terns, Lagoon 1; 4 Avocets, Ruff & 2 Dunlin, Lagoon 4.

Eyebrook Res: Spotted Redshank, White Wagtail & Yellow Wagtail at the inflow.

Thornton Res: 1 Common Sandpiper.

Tuesday 10th

Rutland Water: Common Tern, South Arm; Common Sandpiper & 10 White Wagtails, Dickenson's Bay, North Arm.

Eyebrook Res: Spotted Redshank still at the inflow, also Common Tern, Dunlin, Yellow Wagtail & 5 White Wagtails.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Watermead CP South: Whooper Swan still.

Rutland Water: female Scaup, Fieldfare hide.

Monday 9th

Swithland Res: 6 Common Scoters, north side, also Black-necked Grebe still; Green Sandpiper, south side.

Eyebrook Res: Spotted Redshank at the inflow.

Watermead CP South: Whooper Swan & drake Red-crested Pochard still.

Sunday 8th

Rutland Water: drake Garganey, Mallard hide (Lagoon 1); female Long-tailed Duck still, North Arm; 6 Avocets, Lagoon 4.

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel with Fieldfares in field with longhorn cattle half way along the main path through the reserve. Still present this evening, but mobile and ranging widely. Nearby, Cuckoo at Colony Reservoir, Charnwood Lodge NR.

Bardon Hill: Cuckoo, Tree Pipit and Wheatear this morning.

Swithland Res: Black-necked Grebe & Kittiwake still on the north side; Green Sandpiper, south side.

Cropston Res: Kittiwake still + 3 House Martins.

Belton in Rutland: 5 Short-eared Owls half a mile north-west of the village along the road to Loddington.

Watermead CP South: Whooper Swan still, also drake Red-crested Pochard.

Willow Warblers at several sites today, including 11 at Charnwood Lodge.

Saturday 7th

Swithland Res: Black-necked Grebe & adult Kittiwake still on the north side this morning, viewable from Kinchley Lane/dam. Nearby, presumably a different Kittiwake at Cropston Res at the dam at 07:00 and 16:15 - 16:50 at least. Also 1 House Martin there.

Beacon Hill: Wheatear in field above top car park.

Eyebrook Res: Common Sandpiper & 2 Yellow Wagtails.

Burton Lazars: 3 Short-eared Owls.

Friday 6th

Swithland Res: Black-necked Grebe, north side, also adult Kittiwake early afternoon at least and Osprey north mid morning.

Cossington Meadows: Avocet still on far side of Hobley Lake.

Rutland Water: Sedge Warbler, Lagoon 3; 5 Avocets, Lagoon 4; Short-eared Owl, Lagoon 1; female Scaup, South Arm 3; also 7 Ruff, 12 Swallows & 100+ Sand Martins around the reserve.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Yellow Wagtails, 1 White Wagtail, 2 Ruff & 1 Common Sandpiper.

Thursday 5th

Rutland Water: Whimbrel, North Arm; Short-eared Owl, Lagoon 1.

Cossington Meadows: Avocet on Hobley Lake this afternoon.

Eyebrook Res: Common Sandpiper, 2 Ruff, White Wagtail & 30+ Swallows.

Watermead CP North: Osprey north over King Lear's Lake at 10:00 (NB, as usual, only Ospreys away from Rutland Water & Eyebrook Res & surrounding areas will be mentioned here), also 2 Swallows & 27+ Sand Martins, John Merrick's Lake.

Albert Village Tip: 3rd-winter Iceland Gull.

Burton Lazars: 1 Short-eared Owl still.

Tuesday 3rd

Rutland Water: Yellow Wagtail, Lagoon 4; Long-tailed Duck, North Arm.

Eyebrook Res: 2 White Wagtails at the inflow.

Thornton Res: House Martin, 2 Swallows & 12 Sand Martins.

Wheatears today at Gaddesby and North Luffenham GC (3).

Monday 2nd

Rutland Water: 5 Avocets, 1 Ruff, 6+ Ringed Plovers & 2 LRPs, Lagoon 4; Black-tailed Godwit, Lagoon 1; Green Sandpiper, Heron hide.

Burrough Hill: 1 Wheatear.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Sunday 1st

Eyebrook Res: summer plumage Slavonian Grebe between Stoke Dry and the fence on the Leics side.

Cropston Res: 1st-summer Little Gull.

Rutland Water: female Long-tailed Duck, female Scaup & 9 Ruff, South Arm 3; 5 Avocets, Lagoon 4; 100+ Sand Martins around the reserve.

Burton Lazars: 2 Short-eared Owls still.

Swannington: 1 White Wagtail.

Ibstock/Heather: male Wheatear in field just west of Sence Valley FP.

Brascote Pits: 2 LRPs, Green Sandpiper & Sand Martin.

Willow Warblers today at Rutland Water, Longmoor Lake & Sheet Hedges Wood.