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Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland flickr group

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Black-winged Stilt
Stanford Res
20th April 2017
© Ian Merrill

Also some video of the birds by Mike Tew here

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Female Garganey
Rutland Water
14th April 2017
© Andy Mackay

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Drake Garganey
Rutland Water
12th April 2017
© Richard Pegler

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Sandwich Tern
Eyebrook Res
9th April 2017
© Andy Mackay

APRIL 2017

Sunday 30th

Rutland Water: Curlew Sandpiper, 2 Sandwich Terns, 5 Grey Plovers, 9 Bar-tailed Godwits, 3 Turnstone, 4 Whimbrel, Greenshank & 26 Dunlin, Lagoon 4, also Short-eared Owl again this evening; Little Tern, Little Gull, 2 Black Terns & Bar-tailed Godwit, North Arm; 21 Black Terns & 2 Red-crested Pochards, Lagoon 3; 13 Black Terns, South Arm 3.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, Greenshank, Little Gull, 6 Dunlin, 4 Black Terns & 25 Arctic Terns.

Stanford Res: 6 Bar-tailed Godwits, 5 Greenshanks, 9 Dunlin, Little Tern & Black Tern.

Swithland Res: Bar-tailed Godwit, Whimbrel, 2 Arctic Terns & 3 Black Terns.

Cropston Res: 3 Whimbrels on the dam.

Hicks Lodge: 1 Whimbrel.

Thornton Res: drake Garganey by the car park.

Little Stretton: Whinchat along the River Sence.

Cossington Meadows: 3 Med Gulls over this morning.

Saturday 29th

Rutland Water: adult Little Gull & 3 Swifts, Lagoon 3; 3 Arctic Terns & Common Sandpiper, South Arm 3; 2 Black-tailed Godwits, Common Sandpiper & 11 Dunlin, Lagoon 4.

Eyebrook Res: drake Common Scoter & 2 Arctic Terns.

Stanford Res: Long-tailed Duck still + 2 Greenshanks.

Blackbrook Res: Osprey & 2 Cuckoos.

Leicester: 9 Waxwings still in Victoria Park near the war memorial.

Friday 28th

Rutland Water: 100+ Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 4 this evening, also 4 Whimbrels, Arctic Tern & Short-eared Owl; 2 Arctic Terns, Lagoon 3.

Priors Coppice: female Ring Ouzel.

Eyebrook Res: Whimbrel over at midday.

Cossington Meadows: 1 Whinchat.

Wanlip Meadows: 2 Hobbies & 2 Common Sandpipers.

Swithland Res: Greenshank, 3 Common Sandpipers & 3 Ringed Plovers.

Cropston Res: Arctic Tern & 5 Common Sandpipers.

Leicester: 9 Waxwings still in Victoria Park this morning, between the war memorial and the car park.

Also Cuckoos at Rutland Water, Eyebrook Res, Stanford Res & Swithland Res today.

Thursday 27th

Rutland Water: 16 Arctic Terns, North Arm & 50+ Lagoon 3; Short-eared Owl high over Lagoon 4 at 11:45, also 2 Whimbrels & 3 Dunlin there; female Scaup & Hobby, Lagoon 3.

Eyebrook Res: 28+ Arctic Terns.

Stanford Res: 110+ Arctic Terns this evening, although mosty in Northants.

Leicester: 10+ Waxwings west of the war memorial in Victoria Park early morning at least.

Wednesday 26th

Warren Hills: 1 Ring Ouzel still.

Grasshopper Warblers are now reeling at several sites, also Wheatears are now widespread and in double figures at some sites.

Tuesday 25th

Little Stretton: Redstart & Whinchat along the River Sence.

Rutland Water: Black Tern, Lagoon 2.

Hicks Lodge: 1 Whinchat.

Kelham Bridge: 1 Swift.

Outwoods: 5 Garden Warblers.

Monday 24th

Stanford Res: no sign of Black-winged Stilts today.

Rutland Water: 2 Black Terns, Wigeon hide; Crossbill over the dam, also White Wagtail & Common Sandpiper there.

Eyebrook Res: 3 Black Terns & 6 Arctic Terns.

Wanlip North Lakes: Whimbrel.

Sunday 23rd

Stanford Res: 2 Black-winged Stilts today, also Bar-tailed Godwit still & 2 Dunlin.

Rutland Water: adult Little Gull, Lapwing hide.

Little Stretton: female Ring Ouzel east of Larch Spinney this afternoon before flying off south.

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel still.

Swithland Res: Hobby, Grasshopper Warbler, 3 Swifts & 5 Common Sandpipers.

Cropston Res: Common Sandpiper.

Kelham Bridge: 2 Grasshopper Warblers.

Saturday 22nd

Bradgate Park: 1 Cuckoo.

Cossington Meadows: 1 Whinchat & 2+ Grasshopper Warblers.

Warren Hills: 2 Ring Ouzels still.

Hicks Lodge: Med Gull this morning.

Leighfield: Tree Pipit over this morning.

Rutland Water: 234 Black-tailed Godwits Lagoon 4 this evening (also 40 over Oakham at 16:30).

Friday 21st

Stanford Res: no sign of Black-winged Stilts today.

Manton: Ring Ouzel again at Crown Well Bridge.

Warren Hills: 2 Ring Ouzels still.

Rutland Water: 3 Arctic Terns, North Arm; female Scaup, Lagoon 3.

Leicester: 30 Waxwings in Nelson Mandela Park, Welford Road this morning.

Thursday 20th

Stanford Res: 3 Black-winged Stilts, spending at least some of their time on the Leicestershire side of the reservoir. NB access to the reservoir grounds is by annual permit only (see Stanford Res page for details), but the birds have been visible distantly from the car park at the north-east end. Also Bar-tailed Godwit still. Please park sensibly and avoid blocking the gate or any other entrances.

Warren Hills: 2 Ring Ouzels in the fields to the north of the footpath through the reserve, but mobile. Do not enter the fields at this site.

Rutland Water: male Ring Ouzel between Berrybutts Spinney & Gibbet Gorse this morning + 5 Whimbrels flew north-east over the dam at 08:00.

Swithland Res: Arctic Tern & 2 White Wagtails.

Wednesday 19th

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel in second field this morning.

Rutland Water: 255 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 4; Bar-tailed Godwit, Lagoon 3; female Scaup, Lagoon 1 & Swift, Lagoon 2.

Stanford Res: Bar-tailed Godwit, also Long-tailed Duck still, and 5 Black-tailed Godwits flew through.

Eyebrook Res: 3 Arctic Terns.

Tuesday 18th

Warren Hills: female Ring Ouzel in the fourth field along from the east end this morning, but mobile.

Manton: male Ring Ouzel at Crown Wells bridge early morning, then flew off.

Loughborough: Hobby at Bull in the Hollow Farm this afternoon.

Eyebrook Res: Whimbrel & White Wagtail at the inflow.

Stanford Res: Whimbrel, 7 White Wagtails & Long-tailed Duck still.

Monday 17th

Rutland Water: Cuckoo, North Arm this morning.

Warren Hills: Cuckoo.

Stanford Res: 16+ White Wagtails & Common Sandpiper.

Swithland Res: 3+ White Wagtails, Swift & 2 Common Sandpipers.

Eyebrook Res: Arctic Tern, 4 Common Terns & 2 Common Sandpipers.

Grasshopper Warblers at Wanlip Meadows & Cossington Meadows.

Sunday 16th

Cossington Meadows: Grasshopper Warbler & Whitethroat.

Cropston Res: Common Tern & Whitethroat.

Swithland Res: 4 White Wagtails, Common Sandpiper & 2 Ringed Plovers.

Braunstone: 15 Waxwings still behind bungalows on Bendbow Rise this morning.

Thornton Res: Osprey flew north.

Saturday 15th

Eyebrook Res: Sandwich Tern this afternoon.

Sence Valley FP: 1 Swift.

Manton: male Redstart at Crown Well bridge by the River Chater.

Stanford Res: 17 White Wagtails on the island, also Long-tailed Duck still.

Braunstone: 13 Waxwings in oaks behind the bungalows on Bendbow Rise, also an Osprey flew low west at 14:29.

Wheatears and House Martins at several sites now.

Friday 14th

Rutland Water: Sandwich Tern, Lagoon 4 briefly this afternoon, also Common Sandpiper & 9 Dunlin; Arctic Tern, Lagoon 3 (then 4 later), also 6+ Common Terns around the reserve now; pair of Garganey, Lagoon 5.

Stoughton Airfield: male Ring Ouzel on the north-west side near farm machinery by green gate, also 4 Wheatears.

Grimston: 2 Wheatears.

Thursday 13th

Rutland Water: Sanderling, Turnstone, 3 Dunlin & 2 Common Terns, Lagoon 4.

Beacon Hill: 2 Wheatears near the top car park.

North Luffenham Airfield: 2 Wheatears.

Eyebrook Res: White Wagtail at the inflow & 2 Dunlin.

Wednesday 12th

Rutland Water: drake Garganey, Lagoon 3, late afternoon, and possibly a different bird in Heron Bay; female Scaup, Lagoon 1.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Lesser Whitethroats & 2 House Martins.

Grimston: 3 Yellow Wagtails.

Tuesday 11th

Martinsthorpe: male Redstart briefly this morning.

Leighfield: Grasshopper Warbler singing this morning.

Braunston: Grasshopper Warbler singing this morning.

Grimston: 1 Wheatear.

Monday 10th

Rutland Water: Bar-tailed Godwit, Lagoon 4 this morning, also pair of Garganey on Lagoon 7 & 3 Yellow Wagtails at the dam.

North Luffenham Airfield: 4 Wheatears.

Thornton Res: 1 Yellow Wagtail in fields on the east side.

Sunday 9th

Rutland Water: White Stork still on Lagoon 4 early morning only, also 4 Sandwich Terns, Grey Plover, 2 Wheatears & 2 Yellow Wagtails there; adult Little Gull, Lagoon 1; female Scaup still, South Arm 3.

Eyebrook Res: Little Tern and 3 Sandwich Terns at the inflow this afternoon and still present at 18:15 at least.

Stanford Res: 2 colour-ringed Cranes (from the Great Crane Project reintroduction scheme) early morning - flew off south-west at 08:30.

Common Terns and House Martins at several sites today.

Saturday 8th

Rutland Water: White Stork around the Egleton Reserve this afternoon, ending up on Lagoon 4. The bird has a green colour ring on its right leg & metal ring on left, and is presumed to be one of several rehabilitated Polish birds currently at large in the UK. Also a mobile pair of Garganey (Lagoons 4 & 5 at least) and female Scaup, Lagoon 1.

Heather: male Hen Harrier over Heather Roughs National Forest plantation at 17:40 - flew towards Swepstone church.

Eyebrook Res: Yellow Wagtail & Lesser Whitethroat.

Warren Hills: 2 Wheatears.

Friday 7th

Groby Pool: Common Sandpiper & House Martin this morning.

Thursday 6th

Burrough-on-the-Hill: Lesser Whitethroat singing this morning.

East Goscote: 1 Waxwing by Coles Nursery on Barkby Road this evening.

Kelham Bridge: Osprey flew east over Ibstock Road this afternoon.

Wednesday 5th

Rutland Water: 6 Whooper Swans at the dam briefly this afternoon, also 2 Yellow Wagtails; 3 Sedge Warblers around Lagoons 3 & 4.

Leicester: 11 Waxwings near the war memorial in Victoria Park this afternoon.

Aylestone Meadows: 1 Wheatear.

Tuesday 4th

Rutland Water: 2 Garganey, Lagoon 2; Little Gull, Lagoon 4; Common Sandpiper, Goldeneye hide; Yellow Wagtail at the dam; female Scaup & 2 Black-tailed Godwits, South Arm. Nearby, male Redstart briefly this morning at Crown Well Bridge over the River Chater near Manton & 3 Bramblings there.

Monday 3rd

Aylestone Meadows: 3 Ring Ouzels (2 males) in paddocks south of Kings Lock. View only from the towpath and do not enter the fields.

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel still, also Wheatear & 3 Tree Pipits.

Eyebrook Res: 2 adult Little Gulls at the inflow, also 1 Common Tern.

Somerby: 1 White Wagtail.

Leighfield: 1 Tree Pipit over.

Sunday 2nd

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel still.

Rutland Water: 2 summer-plumage Slav Grebes + Great White Egret, North Arm.

Swithland Res: 1 White Wagtail.

Oakham: 3 Waxwings opposite the Railway pub this morning.

Saturday 1st

Warren Hills: male Ring Ouzel still this morning at least.

Rutland Water: Sedge Warbler, Lagoon 3; Red-necked Grebe still, South Arm; 2 Slav Grebes, North Arm.

Thornton Res: Osprey and Common Tern through this morning, also Common Sandpiper this afternoon.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Little Gulls.

Leighfield: 1 House Martin.

Sand Martins in good numbers and small numbers of Swallows at several sites now.