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South Kilworth
4th June 2011
© Richard Bayldon

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South Kilworth
4th June 2011
© Neil Hagley

JUNE 2011

Thursday 30th

Rutland Water: 30 Black-tailed Godwits, Common Sandpiper & Green Sandpiper, Lagoon 3.

Albert Village: 4 Med Gulls (1st-summer, 2 2nd-summers + adult) on the tip.

Wednesday 29th

Nailstone/Bagworth: 2 Quails singing (1 seen in flight) near the stile where the footpath enters Undehills Wood - SK 435 076.

Rutland Water: 1st-summer Little Gull still on Lagoon 4; Black-tailed Godwit, North Arm; 4 Green Sandpipers, Crake hide.

Eyebrook Res: 1 Green Sandpiper.

Tuesday 28th

Rutland Water: Black Tern, Lagoon 3; Black-tailed Godwit, Crake hide; 1st-summer Little Gull still Lagoon 4; 2 Common Sandpipers, South Arm 3, also 12 Green Sandpipers around the reserve.

Eyebrook Res: Greenshank & 6 Green Sandpipers at the inflow.

Stanford Res: Greenshank & Common Sandpiper.

Monday 27th

Cropston Res: Osprey from 14:50 - 16:00, then flew towards Groby Pool (+ Green Sandpiper there yesterday).

Friday 24th

Nailstone/Bagworth: 4 Quails singing - 3 around the pond, plus another half a mile nearer to Bagworth, to the right of the path coming from Bagworth.

Rutland Water: 20 Crossbills west over Lyndon reserve; 11 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 3; Little Gull & Arctic Tern still on Lagoon 4, also 2 Dunlins & 4 tundrae Ringed Plovers. 6 Green Sandpipers around the reserve.

Thursday 23rd

Nailstone/Bagworth: still 3 Quails singing early morning between the two villages at SK 435 078.

Rutland Water: Turtle Dove, Harrier hide, also 3 new Avocet chicks have hatched on Lagoon 4 today.

Wednesday 22nd

Rutland Water: Black-tailed Godwit, Lagoon 1; 1st-summer Little Gull, 3 Dunlins & 1 Green Sandpiper, Lagoon 4; Green Sandpiper, Crake hide. Also 6+ Avocets still around the reserve, but sadly all the chicks appear to have been predated.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Green Sandpipers.

Tuesday 21st

Nailstone/Bagworth: still 3+ Quails singing between the two villages at SK 435 078.

NB - if you haven't got maps of a particular area, click here to visit the Ordnance Survey's online 'getamap' site. Type in the grid reference you want and the map of the area will come up with the location at the centre. You can change the scale (to zoom out for instance) and even print out the map to take with you in the field!

Another useful online tool is this UK Grid Reference Finder (link goes directly to the Quail grid ref given above). With this one if you type in the grid ref it will bring up an aerial view, which can also be zoomed in or out.

And for anyone with a smartphone, there are now several apps (for iPhone and BlackBerry at least) which use the phone's built-in GPS to tell you your current OS grid reference. Very useful if you find something 'in the middle of nowhere' and you don't have a map with you, or to tell you when you've reached the right place!

Monday 20th

Nailstone/Bagworth: 3+ Quails singing between the two villages at SK 435 078.

Rutland Water: 5 Black-tailed Godwits, Lagoon 1; Common Sandpiper, Lagoon 4.

Sunday 19th

Rutland Water: 2 Little Terns, Lagoon 3 this afternoon; 1st-summer Little Gull & 3 Dunlins, Lagoon 4.

Orton-on-the-Hill: 1 Corn Bunting singing.

Friday 17th

Normanton-le-Heath: Quail singing 4 fields along the footpath towards Sence Valley Forest Park this afternoon at SK 388 121 (different area to previous birds).

Rutland Water: Turtle Dove, Harrier hide this morning; 2 Dunlins, Lagoon 4 + several Avocets & young.

Wednesday 15th

Market Bosworth: Quail singing in field on Carlton Road by bridge over the Ashby Canal.

Rutland Water: 1st-summer Little Gull & 6 Dunlins, Lagoon 4.

Eyebrook Res: 1 Green Sandpiper & 1 Ringed Plover.

Tuesday 14th

Normanton-le-Heath: now 2 Quails singing in the old opencast area - one in the field next to the road and the other in the cereal field to the west of the pit (c1km north-east of the village).

Monday 13th

No news for today other than that the counties' first ever Avocet chicks hatched today at Rutland Water (Lagoon 4).

Saturday 11th

No news received for today.

Friday 10th

Eyebrook Res: 2 Red-necked Phalaropes this afternoon till 16:36 when they flew off high to the north-north-west.

Thursday 9th

Rutland Water: Black-necked Grebe, Lagoon 3; Arctic Tern & Turnstone, Lagoon 4. Also Tim Appleton reports that at least two pairs of Little Egrets have bred - the first breeding record for the counties.

Normanton- le-Heath: Quail still singing around the old opencast pool c1km along public footpath north-east of the village this afternoon.

Albert Village Tip: adult Med Gull.

Tuesday 7th

Rutland Water: no sign or sound of Savi's Warbler this morning - it will be looked for again this evening. 4 Avocets, Barnsdale Creek; Green Sandpiper, Lagoon 3.

Eyebrook Res: Little Tern at the island this morning, also 1 Black Tern at the inflow.

Monday 6th

Rutland Water: Savi's Warbler singing in the Lagoon 3 reedbed behind Plover hide this evening. It may be audible and/or visible distantly from Shoveler hide. Access to the reedbed will be arranged if the bird reappears. Curlew Sandpiper & Sanderling, Lagoon 4.

Quail still singing between Ravenstone and Normanton this evening, in rough grass around the old opencast workings.

Sunday 5th

Rutland Water: Little Stint still on Lagoon 4, also 1st-summer Little Gull & 10 Avocets; Green Sandpiper, Lagoon 3.

North Luffenham: Quail calling in fields of the north-west edge of the village.

No sign of Hoopoe at South Kilworth today.

Saturday 4th

South Kilworth: Hoopoe first seen this morning in Dog Lane at the south end of the village, then this afternoon at the west end around Walcote Road/Church Lane, but mobile. Still present this evening till 19:05 when it flew west from the cattle field by Walcote Road. Any early news received tomorrow will be tweeted.

Rutland Water: Little Stint, Lagoon 1, then Lagoon 4 later; Turnstone, 4 Grey Plovers & 4 Black Terns, Lagoon 4; Marsh Harrier, Lagoon 3.

Thursday 2nd

Late news for 27th - 31st May: Hoopoe in a private garden in Whitwick. Present in Tressall Road for five days according to the Leicester Mercury.

Wednesday 1st

Whetstone: Quail heard in flight at 22:30.

Rutland Water: 7 Sanderlings, Lagoon 4.