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JUNE 2012

Saturday 30th

Rutland Water: Little Gull, 1S, Lagoon 4; Bittern, Lagoon 3 and Marsh Harrier through.

Eyebrook Reservoir: Spoonbill flew over inflow towards dam 16:15-16:30.

Monday 25th

Rutland Water: 2 Dunlin, Lagoon 4.

Kendrew Barracks (Cottesmore Airfield): Quail calling from airfield this afternoon.

Welby: Turtle Dove.

Hallaton: Quail East of village singing from Horninghold Lane between Horninghold and Blaston at approx SP803965 between 14.00 and 14.45 at least.

Sunday 24th

Rutland Water: 3 Dunlin & 3 Ringed Plover, Lagoon 4.

Saturday 23rd

No news received since Tuesday.

Tuesday 19th

Wymondham Rough: Turtle Dove near the reserve entrance this morning.

Rutland Water: 11 Crossbills flew over this morning.

Sunday 17th

Rutland Water: 6 Sanderling, 4 Ringed Plovers & 2 Dunlin, Lagoon 4.

Saturday 16th

Diseworth: 2 Common Cranes flew SSW over the A42 at 10:20.

Friday 15th

Rutland Water: Common Scoter, male off the dam: Turnstone Lagoon 4 plus 8 Tundra Ringed Plovers.

Tuesday 12th

Rutland Water: Avocet, Lagoon 4: also Dunlin and Ringed Plover; Marsh Harrier, Lax Hill; 12 Crossbills flew South.

Eyebrook Reservoir: Marsh Harrier.

Stockerston: Late news Golden Oriole Friday (8th June).

Sunday 10th

Rutland Water: Sanderling, Lagoon 4; also 6 Dunlin and 9 Tundra Ringed Plovers. Black Tern Lagoon 3; Short-eared Owl still present.

Exton Park: 16 Crossbills.

Saturday 9th

Rutland Water: Short-eared Owl this morning.

Thursday 7th

No news received for today or yesterday.

Tuesday 5th

Rutland Water: Wood Sandpiper flew over Lagoon 4 this morning; drake Garganey & Greenshank, North Arm; 8 Crossbills over the dam.

Wing: 48 Crossbills flew south this morning.

Monday 4th

Rutland Water: 3 Sanderling, 7 Dunlin & 8 tundrae Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Sunday 3rd

Rutland Water: 3 Sanderling & 3 Dunlin, Lagoon 4.

Saturday 2nd

Rutland Water: 2 Sanderling, 4 Dunlin & 5 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4 + 11 Turnstones flew north.

Friday 1st

Rutland Water: Curlew Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin & 14 tundrae Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Wing: report of a Honey Buzzard over at 17:00.