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Male Brambling,
27th March 2011
© Graham Otter

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1st-winter Iceland Gull,
Albert Village Lake
20th March 2011
© Ian Merrill

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7th March 2011
© Mark Skevington

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Rock Pipit,
Swithland Res
6th March 2011
© Oliver Hands

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2nd-winter Glaucous Gull,
6th March 2011
© Jon Starie

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6th March 2011
© Colin Green

MARCH 2011

Thursday 31st

Rutland Water: 6 Sandwich Terns, Lagoon 4, early afternoon at least.

Hinckley: 20+ Waxwings by the National Grid office in Coventry Road, 08:45 at least.

Late news for Monday 28th - Firecrest in a Knighton garden (no further details).

Wednesday 30th

Rutland Water: 2 Yellow Wagtails on the new lagoons at Egleton.

Albert Village tip: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Grove Park: 2 Wheatears.

Edith Weston: 19 Waxwings at 56 Weston Road this afternoon.

Tuesday 29th

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck still in North Arm.

Grove Park: 1 Wheatear.

Groby Pool: 3 Red-crested Pochards.

Coalville: c50 Waxwings in St Vincent's Close.

Syston: 40 Waxwings in garden of 30 East Avenue at 12:30.

Broughton Astley: 12 Waxwings in Byre Close still.

Monday 28th

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck still in North Arm; Ruff & 2 Green Sandpipers, Lagoon 4.

Cossington Meadows: Osprey flew over this afternoon, also 6+ Swallows, Black-tailed Godwit, Green Sandpiper, and 7 Waxwings flew south at 13:20. Nearby, 4 Waxwings in the car park at Watermead CP North at 15:00, Green Sandpiper at Wanlip Meadows & Willow Warbler at Watermead CP South.

Stoughton Airfield: male Wheatear on the south side.

Narborough: 14 Waxwings in Ashby Road this evening.

Broughton Astley: 12 Waxwings in Byre Close.

Little Ringed Plovers are now back at most if not all of their breeding sites, and will no longer be mentioned on the news page as it is a Schedule 1 breeding bird.

Sunday 27th

Rutland Water: Black-necked Grebe & Long-tailed Duck still in the North Arm, off the anglers' car park; Sanderling, Ruff, Green Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin & 4 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Cossington Meadows: 4 Swallows, Ringed Plover & Green Sandpiper.

Wanlip Meadows: 3 LRPs, 3 Dunlin & Green Sandpiper.

Coalville: 20+ Waxwings in Avenue Road, by the fire station.

Ibstock: 20 Waxwings in Chapel Street/The Hastings.

Melton Mowbray: 9 Waxwings in Marigold Crescent this morning.

Bagworth: 2 Waxwings in Main Street at 15:00.

Double figures of Sand Martins at several sites today.

Saturday 26th

Houghton on the Hill: unconfirmed report of a Great Grey Shrike 'north of the A47' this afternoon, but no further details.

Rutland Water: Black-necked Grebe & Long-tailed Duck still, North Arm, from the anglers' car park on Hambleton Road.

Cossington Meadows: Black-tailed Godwit still on Plover Meadow pool, also 1 Swallow & 10+ Sand Martins, Tern Pool.

Wanlip Meadows: 3 LRPs, 2 Green Sandpipers & 20+ Sand Martins.

Brascote Pits: male Wheatear + 2 LRPs.

Eyebrook Res: LRP & Sand Martin at the inflow.

Hicks Lodge: Pink-footed Goose still, also 2 LRPs and 16 Sand Martins.

Donisthorpe: 62 Waxwings in Buttercup Avenue.

South Wigston: 31 Waxwings in Blaby Road opposite Tesco this morning.

Melton Mowbray: 9 Waxwings in Marigold Crescent this morning.

Burbage: 5 Waxwings in St Catherines Close this morning.

Friday 25th

Rutland Water: Avocet, Lagoon 4, also Ruff, Green Sandpiper, 3 LRPs, 8+ Dunlin, 6+ Ringed Plover & 29 Sand Martins; Willow Warbler by new Wet Meadow (near site of old Tern hide).

Ibstock: c20 Waxwings this afternoon at junction of Chapel Street/The Hastings.

Thursday 24th

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck still, North Arm; 6+ Sand Martins, Lagoon 2; 2 LRPs, 2 Ringed Plovers, 3 Dunlin & 2 Green Sandpipers, Lagoon 4; 1 Ruff, Lagoon 1.

Thornton Res: Common Sandpiper on the dam.

Cossington Meadows: Black-tailed Godwit, Plover Meadow + 2 Sand Martins.

North Luffenham Airfield: female Wheatear.

Wednesday 23rd

Rutland Water: Black-necked Grebe, North Arm; 5 Dunlin & 2 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Hicks Lodge: 1 Pink-footed Goose still with Canadas - best accessed from entrance opposite Willesley picnic area.

Donisthorpe: 52+ Waxwings in Buttercup Avenue.

Watermead CP North: 7 Sand Martins around the artificial bank in the reedbed nature reserve this afternoon.

Tuesday 22nd

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck, North Arm.

Albert Village Lake: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Monday 21st

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck & Scandinavian Jackdaw, North Arm; 1st-winter Med Gull, Lagoon C1, but no sign of yesterday's Ring-billed Gull.

Albert Village Lake: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Six Hills: Swallow flew north at c16:00.

Swithland Res: pair of Smew on the north side (male distant).

Groby Pool: 2 Sand Martins this morning.

Castle Donington: 40+ Waxwings in Trent Lane, opposite the Co-op this morning.

Donisthorpe: 29+ Waxwings in Buttercup Avenue near the play area.

Sunday 20th

Rutland Water: adult Ring-billed Gull on new lagoon C1 this evening. The lagoon is south of the Egleton visitor centre, to the right of the old cycle track. NB there is no 'official' public access to this lagoon yet, and no hides, so please take care not to flush birds if viewing. Photos of the bird on Matthew Berriman's flickr pages. Also the first Osprey arrived back today.

Albert Village Lake: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Swithland Wood: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker this afternoon in trees 'not far from south entry to the cabins'.

Whitwick: 16 Waxwings in Hall Lane/Meadow Lane at 16:00.

Saturday 19th

Albert Village Lake: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Hicks Lodge, Moira: 4 Pink-footed Geese with Canadas.

Ashwell: 20+ Waxwings this afternoon.

Chiffchaffs singing at several sites in the past week.

Friday 18th

Albert Village Lake: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still.

Rutland Water: littoralis Rock Pipit, North Arm; Little Ringed Plover, drake Smew & 8 Pink-footed Geese, North Arm; Long-tailed Duck off Whitwell; 3 Scaup, South Arm 3; drake Smew at the dam; 2 Green Sandpipers, Lagoon 4.

Sence Valley FP: 1 Sand Martin.

Hinckley: 40+ Waxwings opposite McDonald's in Wheatfield Way.

Burbage: 7 Waxwings, St Catherine's Close.

Thursday 17th

Rutland Water: Sanderling, Lagoon 4.

Albert Village Lake/Tip: 1st-winter Iceland Gull still, also adult Med Gull.

Bradgate Park: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker by the Newtown Linford entrance this morning.

Mountsorrel: 40+ Waxwings by the Soar Valley Centre off Kingfisher Road at 10:35.

Wednesday 16th

Albert Village Tip: 1st-winter Iceland Gull mid-afternoon.

Rutland Water: drake Smew still, North Arm; 5 Dunlin & 4 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4.

Thurmaston: 11 Waxwings in Earls Way at 11:35.

Tuesday 15th

Swithland Res: male Smew still, moving between north and south sides.

Monday 14th

Rutland Water: male Wheatear, Harrier hide; Knot, Lagoon 4; 2 Black-necked Grebes 7 drake Smew, North Arm; 2 female Scaup, South Arm 3.

Leicester: c20 Waxwings by the pond in Victoria Park at 09:15, coming down to drink and bathe.

Sunday 13th

Rutland Water: 8 Pink-footed Geese, Long-tailed Duck & drake Smew, North Arm; 5 Sand Martins (3 Lagoon 4, 2 Lagoon 1); 4 Scaup, South Arm 3; 4 redhead Smew, Lagoon 3.

Thornton Res: 9 Sand Martins this morning.

Wanlip North Lakes: 2 Sand Martins this morning.

Eyebrook Res: 2 redhead Smew north of the island.

Hinckley: 15 Waxwings flew east over the fire station at 16:00.

Mountsorrel: 6 Waxwings flew over Linkfield Road this morning.

Friday 11th

Rutland Water: 8 Pink-footed Geese + Long-tailed Duck, North Arm; drake Smew at the dam; 3 Dunlin & 4 Ringed Plovers, Lagoon 4. Also single Sand Martins on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday 10th

Enderby: 10 Waxwings by the Foxhunter roundabout at 10:30.

Wednesday 9th

Albert Village Tip: 1st-winter Iceland Gull this afternoon, visible from the Fernwood footpath.

Swithland Res: drake Smew still on the north side.

Tuesday 8th

Rutland Water: Long-tailed Duck still in the North Arm, also drake Smew.

Enderby: 60+ Waxwings still by the Foxhunter roundabout.

Monday 7th

Enderby: 105+ Waxwings by the Foxhunter roundabout late afternoon.

Groby Pool: flocks of 16 & 9 Waxwings flew over this morning.

Desford: 8 Waxwings by the library this morning.

Shawell Balancing Pools: no sign of Glaucous Gull today.

Sunday 6th

Swithland Res: Rock Pipit still on the dam near the overflow this morning, also drake Smew still. NB - in good light the Rock Pipit has distinct supercilia and a blue-grey tinge to the head, so clearly is a littoralis (Scandinavian) bird. As noted in The Birds of Leicestershire and Rutland, it is likely that most, if not all Rock Pipits occurring in the county are littoralis, even if many are not actually identifiable as such. The nominate British race is largely sedentary and stays on the coast all year round.

Shawell Balancing Pools: 2nd-winter Glaucous Gull at 13:00 for five minutes, then flew off east.

Albert Village Lake: 3rd-winter Glaucous Gull still.

Enderby: still 42 Waxwings by the Foxhunter roundabout this morning.

Saturday 5th

Swithland Res: Rock Pipit on the dam, also drake Smew still.

Rutland Water: Little Ringed Plover on Lagoon 3; Long-tailed Duck, North Arm; 7 Smew, Lagoon 3.

Leicester: 80+ Waxwings opposite the entrance to Knighton park at 15:30; 64 Waxwings in Aylestone Road opposite the Local Hero pub at 10:40, then flew off.

Sileby: 11 Waxwings this morning in Barrow Road/Highbridge, also getting in trees behind Costcutter.

Friday 4th

Swithland Res: Scandinavian Rock Pipit on the dam this afternoon, also drake Smew still on the north side.

Eyebrook Res: drake Smew south of the island.

Cossington Meadows: 4 Black-tailed Godwits & 2 Dunlin, Hobley Lake.

Leicester: c30 Waxwings at the junction of Raw Dykes Road & Aylestone Road.

Sileby: still 9 Waxwings in Highbridge.

Thursday 3rd

Watermead North CP: possible Common Redpoll with Lessers near Kingfisher hide.


Enderby: 58 by the Foxhunter roundabout, 14:00 - 14:15 at least.

Knighton: 40 in Ventnor Road at 16:45.

Sileby: 9 in Highbridge mid afternoon.

Wednesday 2nd

Rutland Water: 8 Pink-footed Geese, North Arm + Long-tailed Duck (off Barnsdale).

Albert Village: 3rd-winter Glaucous Gull on the tip.

Copt Oak: 10 Waxwings by the road junction at 17:30.

Tuesday 1st

Albert Village Lake: 3rd-winter Glaucous Gull + 3 adult Med Gulls.

Rutland Water: 7 Smew, Lagoon 3.