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24th October 2018

Watermead CP Work Party

Six LROS members spent Wednesday morning clearing invasive saplings from the reed bed at Watermead CP. Without this effort we would rapidly lose one of the largest areas of Phragmites in the county. A massive thank you to Mick, Phil, Chris, Carol and Linda for their enthusiastic help.


Hauling felled scrub

The Team


Even the Common Darters were enjoying the great weather


25th September 2018

Hicks Lodge Conservation Work Party

The first work party of the season successfully cleared the vegetation from the gravel island at Hicks Lodge.
1st photo Before.
2nd Clearing the scrub.
3rd We also removed the weed and old nesting material from the two rafts.
4th After our hard work.
5th Thanks to the FC Rangers for their support and providing the boat.

7th March 2018

Hicks Lodge Conservation Work Party

Before: too many trees that provide perches and cover for corvids that will predate nests and fledglings.

The new Sand Martin wall awaiting some visitors.

The more open habitat, ideal for ground nesting birds such as Redshank, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Common Tern and Skylark.

Thanks to everyone involved. We could not have achieved so much without this fantastic support.

We also created some brash piles ideal as cover for young birds. Some overhanging bushes were left for Kingfishers. The end of the gorse was cut back so that the Sand Martin wall is visible from the hide. Most of the gorse was left to provide nesting opportunities and a refuge from the cold.

14th February 2018

February Conservation Work Party

Four hardy souls helped to clear the pond at Wistow. Chris, Carol, Russell and Andy braved sub-Arctic conditions, breaking through the ice to clear the pond. Thanks to their efforts the pond now has some clear water and two Kingfisher perches. The use of two cromes helped in the task. The image of the volunteers demonstrates the calibre of our loyal helpers. But seriously, would you in your right mind approach them?!

Before clearing the reeds

After clearing

10th January 2018

January Conservation Work Party

As if to thank these stalwart LROS Conservation volunteers, the grim and grey weather was replaced by an almost spring-like day. This encouraged everyone to complete a great job coppicing an area of Hazel at Brown's Wood. A total of 18 trees were coppiced. Two brash piles and a log pile were created. We also put in two stumps to hopefully encourage Willow Tit to nest.

Thanks to Carol, Chris, Pete and Christine for their commitment to conservation.

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